Wk 11 – Art Experience – Turning Pages

This week’s art experience was unlike all others. During the experience I felt like I was able to connect with my outside world and notice the small details of the “norms” of the library. As other people passed our class reading, they just stared which is pretty ironic considering we were in a library. In addition, without my phone I felt free and concentrated and surprisingly relaxed. I had no distractions and actually participated in the activity. During the trip to the bookstore I found it a little more hectic. There were so many things going on and people were just, again, staring and watching our activities as we were making the most of the objects that the bookstore held, such as playing the guitar and using the macs. This experience was unlike all others, it shows the changing or settings and the different norms people see today and how doing something opposite the norm can cause a semi small commotion, causing all heads to turn. 


Wk 10 – Art Experience – Instagram

This week’s art experience was Instagram. Instagram is used everyday by thousands to share pics, ideas, and set a generic idea about a person’s life through photos. Through our art110s16 I found a lot of us have so much in common, we enjoy good food, do simple everyday activities, and some occasionally live cooler lives than expected. On a Thursday night you wouldn’t expect much, but there were people posting photos of bands, planes, and cool sunsets. It really gives off the ambiance that everyone is different but enjoys to make the most of things. These photos also highlight the beauty we see in everyday life.

Wk 8 -Art Experience – Automatic Drawing


This week’s art experience was an automatic drawing. I found this experience very strange. I did it with my sister and to be honest it took a long time just to get that much on the paper. We couldn’t stop laughing and it was very hard to take it seriously. When we opened our eyes we were surprised that those were the only lines on the paper. This experience was very weird.

Wk 7 – Art Experience – Group Video Activity

This week our assignment was to produce a group video. Together with Marvin Madrigal and Florenz Baltazar, we created a video of Marvin free-styling on a drum. Marvin used to be an active member on band in high school and currently teaches at Ross Middle School. Our purpose was to share not only his talent, but create a video from different viewpoints. Unfortunately we didn’t have super cool equipment to make a video and you can partially hear the wind, but it was a very beautiful day at the park and I learned how to hold drum sticks!

Wk 6 – Photo Walk

This week our focus was a photo walk. Our leader, Crysta Tim took us around some of Long Beach’s recreational hang out spots. My goal during this walk was to find things that I never noticed. While playing more attention to details and my surroundings I was able to find multiple art pieces by the information center of the USU, cool designs on the air hockey table, as well as actually observing my surroundings and seeing how many people on campus utilize these activities. Crysta was an excellent tour guide, she let us roam around and find things that we were interested in, while focusing primarily on recreational aspects. I thought that the coolest item we came across was the huge Jenga game. This photo walk really opened my eyes to my surroundings and the activities Long Beach has provided for our leisure.

Wk 5 – Art Experience – Couture

This week I experimented with “distressing”. Our fashion today has a lot of cuts in it, so I decided to “claw” up a t-shirt. Overall, I liked the fact that my cuts were consistent and straight. However, I put some lines too close together. I was going for the rigid look, but ended up with a zombie apocalyptic shirt. Although I’m not totally satisfied with the outcome, it was great practice. I can’t wait to try it on my bleached black shirt! (=

Wk 4 – Art Experience – Graffiti Writing

This week’s Art Experience was Graffiti Writing! Boy, oh, boy was this harder than it looks.¬†Unfortunately I couldn’t control my spray paint as much as I wanted too. I also got a periwinkle color tone to match my maroon color, but sadly, it looks white. Next time I spray paint, I need to get a bigger canvas and cooler colors. But overall I found spray painting fun. I wrote my nickname on my canvas; my friends call me “Coco”. I also attempted to put a crown over my name, but it was a fail once again. )= This week I went to venice beach to look at the graffiti walls. I found lots of cool pieces, but because I didn’t go on the weekend, I wasn’t able to paint on the walls, but I did get a really cool picture of the sunset while I was there!¬†IMG_3953