Wk 13 – Art Experience – Art Care Package


This week’s art experience was to make an Art Care Package. To be quite honest I had no idea what to put inside this envelope, but I thought about what hobbies I use to enjoy and did a little self-reflection on my past and present. Inside the package I put in a Disneyland pin. I use to be an annual pass holder for the past 6 years and during my down time I would always just go on a quick trip and feel like a care-free kid again. I also included a Long Beach Fair Grounds, City Grounds business card. I use to ride my fixed gear all over Cerritos and Long Beach in middle and high school, so I thought to include a business card to spread awareness about cycling. I also included two stickers, an Obey “PEACE” sticker and a Live Lokai sticker. I love everything Live Lokai stands for and they donate proceeds to different foundations. As for the peace sticker, I just thought it would be cool to “spread peace” in the form of a sticker. My final piece was a ticket to the Aquarium of the Pacific. Growing up this was my favorite place, I even use to be a club member. I have a few free tickets, so I thought why not include it. Hopefully you enjoy my package Florenz!

This week’s experience is different than sending a snapchat. It’s more personal. There’s more thought put into it and it’s sent like a package and cool surprise. Ephemera is something precious and all these items in my package mean something to me and hopefully Florenz enjoys all the goodies inside. I believe that art is art and there is no difference in it’s importance as long as someone enjoys it and can connect or understand where you’re coming from as a person. Sending an ACP is again more personal than a snapchat, it’ll bring more joy to the person opening it and it’s a fun surprise knowing it can come at any unsuspected time.


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