Wk 8 – Artist Conversation – Bri Joy

Artist: Bri Joy
Exhibition: Merge
Media: Screen Prints
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East
Website: N/A
Instagram: @Bri.joy

Bri is an undergrad student here at CSULB. She graduates this semester and was a transfer student from OCC. She went to art school which launched and was the foundation of her career, she is currently in the print making department. She has an Etsy where she currently sells her work. She’s from a very small place and when first coming to “city life” she endured culture shock. She enjoys being active, in fact she loves to do yoga, surf, snowboard, hike, and skateboard.

Bri best describes her work as highly organic. Her goal was to bring forth emotion through versatility in her line work. She used a computer for her screen prints and assembled it by hand. Her tools included water based ink and paper rolls. She only uses black and white to depict a greater meaning.

Being a representation of her past and present, Bri combines both organic and digital lines to emulate her own life. Coming from a small mountain town, her organic lines represent her past and the digital lines represent her present, in a city town such as Long Beach. Due a glitch in her computer, her self portrait was made to emulate today’s world.

I really enjoyed viewing Bri’s work. The organic lines were satisfying to the eye and listening to her inspiration behind the pieces was very relevant to me as I thought about how society in a city can really change a person’s views and outlooks on life.


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