Wk 10 – Artist Conversation – Helen Werner Cox

 Artist: Helen Werner Cox

Exhibition: Silent Screams

Media: Oil, Pastel, Marker, Inks, Canyon, MonoPrints, BassWood Carving

Gallery: CSULB, Gatov-Gallery West

Website: http://www.helenwernercox.com/

Instagram: N/A

Helen Werner Cox is a graduate student with an MFA in drawing and painting at CSULB. She taught high school and middle school art before returning to school for her masters. Before moving to California she lived in Boston, but after 13 years she got tired of the weather and moved to sunny side California. 

All of Cox’s work is different, but share a same common theme, Griffith Park and carousels. In most of her artwork she uses multiple strokes, especially circular motions to create the bodies of horses. In addition, she uses mono prints to create textures and pattern in her artwork. 

Since Cox is inspired by horses and carousels, she seeks a deeper image within her paintings. The carousels resemble everyday people and the endless cycle of life. This includes moving forward in the same motion as carousels and making mistakes, but moving on.

Cox’s artwork is very intricate and I enjoyed it very much. Her message speaks to me as I relate a carousel to my own life. It makes me think back to past relationships and friendships, the fast abrupt changes and how moving forward was the only option to growing up and moving on. 

Wk 10 – Classmate Conversation – Florenz Baltazar


This week I had the pleasure of meeting Florenz Baltazar. Florenz is a first year at CSULB, he is currently undeclared, but hopes to enter the Nursing Program here at Long Beach. Coincidentally he is from Cerritos, CA, a city I grew up in. He attended Whitney High School, Class of 2015, and attended Tetzlaff Middle School, both of which were in the same school district as me. What a small world! While talking to Florenz we realized we had a few mutual friends. We added each other on snapchat and from the looks of his stories, Florenz loves to hang out with his friends. Florenz was a super cool guy, check out his stuff athttps://florenzbaltazar.wordpress.com .

Wk 10 – Art Experience – Instagram

This week’s art experience was Instagram. Instagram is used everyday by thousands to share pics, ideas, and set a generic idea about a person’s life through photos. Through our art110s16 I found a lot of us have so much in common, we enjoy good food, do simple everyday activities, and some occasionally live cooler lives than expected. On a Thursday night you wouldn’t expect much, but there were people posting photos of bands, planes, and cool sunsets. It really gives off the ambiance that everyone is different but enjoys to make the most of things. These photos also highlight the beauty we see in everyday life.

Wk 9 – Artist Conversation – Sean Joy Rosario Cabanig

Artist: Sean Joy Rosario Cabanig
Exhibition: All Work All Play
Media: Metals
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Marilyn Werby Gallery
Website: N/A
Instagram: N/A

Sean is an undergraduate student at CSULB in the BFA Metals Department. She is currently 23, and graduating after this semester. She is originally from Los Angeles but currently resides in Long Beach. In her free time she loves to read, play games, and play with cats. She loves to experiment with new things.

Cabanig’s work is inspired by her range of emotions through copper and silver. Each piece has no certain shape, yet tells a story of emotion from her point of view of random thoughts and her surrounding environment. She used paper models for construction as a “rough draft” of her actual piece.

Through her own understanding of the environment and her humor, many of the pieces were made. Of the pictures seen above, her favorite piece from her exhibit was the chain ring. Sean explained to us the simplistic beauty in the ring and how much patience was put into a single project.

I really enjoyed Sean’s work. The metal pieces were intricately done and the jewelry was beautiful. I would love to wear the choker or the ring she made. Some of her pieces weren’t like I had seen before such as the penises, but I’m sure the metal was hard to manipulate, really showcasing her talent at metal-work.


Marina was called to the moonbase to do research on the plant. A former marine biologist on Earth, she was abducted to study new and emerging creatures on planet Galatica. Forced against her will, she continues to study the creepy animals while mourning for her past on planet Earth.

While on her journey to finding new creatures she met Paws the Dog Thing: https://florenzbaltazar.wordpress.com/2016/03/21/paws-the-dog-thing/

She also befriended a mischievous guy named Marvin: https://itsonlymemarvin.wordpress.com/2016/03/20/wk9-alphabase-marvin/

As well as coming across a wise man named Dank Waters who helps her get through numerous obstacles: https://saviordeezy.wordpress.com/2016/03/20/dank/

Wk 9 – Classmate Conversation – Valerie Laslo

 This week I met Valerie Laslo. She is currently a third year, pre criminal justice major. Whilst talking to Valerie she was very enthusiastic about the outdoors. She even told me about her trip to Montana where she skied and snowboarded. She’s a local to Long Beach and hopes to move to Montana in hopes to being closer to the outdoors. Other than the outdoors, she mentioned that she has two cats, Stephen and Cheetah, as well as a rabbit named Star. Check out her stuff at Valerie Laslo.

Wk 8 -Art Experience – Automatic Drawing


This week’s art experience was an automatic drawing. I found this experience very strange. I did it with my sister and to be honest it took a long time just to get that much on the paper. We couldn’t stop laughing and it was very hard to take it seriously. When we opened our eyes we were surprised that those were the only lines on the paper. This experience was very weird.