Wk 4 – Art Experience – Graffiti Writing

This week’s Art Experience was Graffiti Writing! Boy, oh, boy was this harder than it looks. Unfortunately I couldn’t control my spray paint as much as I wanted too. I also got a periwinkle color tone to match my maroon color, but sadly, it looks white. Next time I spray paint, I need to get a bigger canvas and cooler colors. But overall I found spray painting fun. I wrote my nickname on my canvas; my friends call me “Coco”. I also attempted to put a crown over my name, but it was a fail once again. )= This week I went to venice beach to look at the graffiti walls. I found lots of cool pieces, but because I didn’t go on the weekend, I wasn’t able to paint on the walls, but I did get a really cool picture of the sunset while I was there! IMG_3953


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