Wk 3 – Art Experience – Snapchat

This week’s art experience was Snapchat Drawings! I use snapchat to document my everyday life; what I’m doing, where I am, and my interests. This week I posted two snapchats on my story. One of my dog and one of a card I found at a store. In regards to the photo of my dog, he wouldn’t sit to look at me, so I took a profile view and was instantly inspired, by Drake and his album, Nothing was the Same. My second snapchat was of a card that I found at Oh Hello Friend, a small business in Downtown Fullerton. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and I found this card very humorous. The third and fourth photos in my lineup were from different classmates. I found the one with Belle very humorous because she’s fascinated with a book with empty pages. I thought the fourth photo was very coincidental with the third photo in the fact that they are both dealing with Princesses.


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